Porta Pro

The most beautiful service one can do to a person is to help him to help himself. (by R.W. Emerson)

This principle has been written on his flag by one of our customers. In nine decades, our customer has become one of the most important specialists in orthopedic technology worldwide. Currently our new Porta Pro machine series has been developed with this customer with the “Pro” for prostheses. Until now it was the case that only the prosthesis was milled. Through the development of the 5-axis Porta Pro, the digitized body of humans can now be milled and the prostheses can be directly adjusted without the patient having to constantly try on them. Block material up to a size of 700 x 700 x 1200 mm can easily be processed 5-axis.

• Stable, high rigid steel construction • Under frame complete closed with mineral casting filling • Travel range: 1950 x 500 x 650 mm (X/Y/Z) • Work area: 1300 x 500 x 650 mm (X/Y/Z) • complete closed guarding enclosure with front door- elements • Front doors can open and closed pneumatically

• Dividing head (A- axis): – Circumferential backlash: < 0,01° – max. nominal torque: 490 Nm – Torsional stiffness: 255 Nm/arcmin. – max. axial load : 11.760 N – allowable breakdown torque: 1.764 Nm

• Swiveling Spindle (B- axis): – Swivel range: +/- 50° – Circumferential backlash: < 0,01° – Torsional rigidity: 97 Nm/arcmin. – max. axial load: 4150 N – Tilt stiffness: 550 Nm/arcmin.

• ATC: – Pickup System – Position: outside of the machine – Possibility to change for 10 tools – Pneumatically swivelling in / out – incl. Sensor for automatic tool length measurement

• Clampingsystem: – Schunk NSE