The Profispeed Unique is a current new development, based on the latest technology, paired with current developments and innovations from Paso.

  • Completely closed substructure, with mineral cast filling
  • Linear motor technology
  • Air conditioning of the entire interior
  • Vacuum system with internal cooling
  • Camera system for automatic detection of reference marks
  • Tool measurement via Laser
  • 3D Taster
  • Length measuring systems

This machine is designed for processing cutting sheets at the highest level.


Application for:

– For sharpening cutting and punching sheets
– For the production of high-tech stencils (stencils for SMD wafers and LTCC technology
– For all other applications, with extreme accuracy requirements in the range of 2μm


Profispeed Unique closed

Technical Specifications

– Work area (X / Y / Z): 800 × 600 × 100 mm
– Substructure: Completely closed substructure with cast mineral filling
– Air conditioning: Applied on the entire machine body
– Control: Selectable from Andron, Eckelmann, Heidenhain
– Drive: Linear motor technology
– Vacuum system: Internally cooled
– Camera system: For automatic recognition of reference marks
– Positioning accuracy: min. +/- 4μm (according to VDI 3441)
– Tool measurement: Laser
– Length measuring systems: In all axes
– Repeat accuracy: min. +/- 2 μm (according to VDI 3441)
– Feed / rapid traverse: standard up to 60 m / min.
– Spindle cooling system: Recooler
– Tool change system: Standard 10-slot pickup system
– Manual control console
– Dimensions: On request
– Weight: On request


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