Vacuum- clamping systems

Vacuum clamping systems are clamping devices with which almost any material can be clamped for quick and easy machining without mechanical clamping elements.

This increases productivity and economic efficiency, since no damage to the work piece caused by the fixation and the otherwise laborious alignment of the work piece would take a lot of time.

Paso has the know-how and the flexibility to produce vacuum systems according to the applications and requirements of the customers.
Here the customer can determine the number of chambers and fields, the individual sizes and the resolution.
The systems can be installed using a machine table already installed with the machine.
On request, we also manufacture systems that can be built on a machine table.

Basically, there are 5 variants:

• Grid system

• slot- or slit system

• Hole grid system

• sintered metal system

• Freezer systems

Grid system:

Grid Vacuum Plates are suitable for use with simply shaped work pieces having rough work piece surfaces during heavy machining operations such as milling.
A particular advantage lies in the high holding forces and the universal application possibilities.
The system enables a safe clamping of unprocessed work piece surfaces.
By using sealing cords small unevenness and bulges of the material can be compensated.
The height-adjustable stop bars facilitate the positioning of the work piece on the vacuum plate.

slot- or slit system:

Slit Systems are designed for easy Machining work like engraving, working on pieces with complicated geometric designs or pieces with breakthroughs such as front panels.
Also in this system the use of foils or fleece is required.
Often the material is delivered with a foil and the customer adds a second foil.
While processing the first foil will be drilled through to the second foil. The vacuum system won’t be touched.

Hole grid system:

This is an expansion stage of the slot system, whereby the vacuum loss is reduced by milling complete across the material and the resolution of the perforated grid (pitch) is given the opportunity to tighten even smaller parts safely.
Also in this system the use of foils or fleece is required.

Sintered metal system:

Depending on the application, the chipboard surface of this system consists of air-permeable sintered bronze, ceramic or porous aluminum.
The special features of this system open up a variety of applications and novel problem solutions.
Preferred fields of application are thin-walled papers, films, circuit boards or metal strips. The system is particularly suitable for measurement and test methods in the micro or nanometer range, for precision voltages and in silicon wafer production.

Grid vacuum system

Grid system for inserting a sealing cord.


For simply shaped work pieces with rough surfaces during heavy machining such as:

  • grinding
  • milling

Special advantages:

  • maximum holding forces
  • Universal use
  • Safe clamping of unprocessed work piece surfaces, as clamping surface with high coefficient of friction
  • Compensation of minor unevenness and buckling on the work piece clamping surface by sealing cords


  • Special shapes and sizes are available in all dimensions
  • Recommended grid spacing depends on the work piece contour and size
  • Definition of the clamping range by polymer sealing cords
  • Finely screened vacuum plates for small work pieces with different shapes

Hole grid vacuum system


Clamping and fixing

Special advantages:

  • Extremely precise
  • No size restriction, e.g. 1500 x 2500mm
  • Vacuum clamping surface does not have to be 100% covered by the work piece


  • Facilitate work piece positioning

Freezer system


For the exact and tension-free fixation of small and smallest components, even with complicated shaping.

  • for further mechanical processing or
  • e.g. to singularize micro parts from raw materials (e.g., plate material)

Industry sectors:

  • Electronics / Semiconductors
  • Ceramics (working and processing)
  • optics
  • Watches
  • Glass / quartz glass processing
  • metalworking
  • Medical
  • colleges and
  • Institutes in the field of laboratory technology

Special advantages:

  • High precision up to ± 3μm
  • No generation of stresses in the work piece
  • Short-term fixation (work piece frozen after 90s)


  • Simple, fast handling
  • Repeat-accurate positioning and tension when using work piece-specific adapter plates