• The Micro series is based on a highly compact 3-axis machine with a fixed table (single – column machine) and special precautions to machining highly abrasive materials such as:

– graphite
– ceramics
– zircon

All other materials can also be processed.

• with a working area of 300 x 300 x 300mm and installation dimensions of 800 x 1405 x 1900mm (without control panel), it fits through every door

• The Micro series is based on a concept that can be used variably, which can be specially modified according to customer requirements.

• Applications are, among others, micro-machining, watch and jewelery industry, and dental technology

• It is also easy to create fine engravings or electrodes in copper and graphite.


– Various applicable concepts
– Universal Application
– Precision for micro-machining
– Modifiable according to customer requirements


Micro series closed front view

Micro series open front view

Micro series interior view

Micro series right view


Technical specifications

– Work Area (X/Y/Z): 300 x 300 x 300 mm
– Substructure: Optional; Open / completely closed substructure. Filled with mineral casting
– Control: Optional; Andron / Eckelmann / Heidenhain
– Device: Digitally regulated AC- Servo; Bosch Rexroth Indramat
– Position Accuracy: min. +/- 4µm (as per VDI 3441)
– Iteration Accuracy: min. +/- 2 µm (as per VDI 3441)
– Maximum Speed: Standard up to 30 m/min, can be varied by the control unit
– Milling Spindle: max. HSK 32
– Spindle Cooling System: Heat Exchanger
– Tool Changing System: Standard 10-slot plate system
– Manual Controls
– Dimension: Variable by request
– Weight: Variable by request


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