Exhaust systems

Paso offers suction devices for different applications, materials and machines.
Depending on the machining task, we work with you to develop the right strategy depending on the amount of dust and swarf and the dynamics of the dust and chips.

Swivelling suction device

  • swivelling ca. 90°
  • adjustable in the height (ca. 300mm)
  • in action the unit pans automaticly under the milling spindle
  • with 2 integrated nozzles for spray cooling
  • with connector for the desired tube Ø, example Ø 50mm tube

Suction of vapors

  • the suction unit is direct mounted at the adaptor for the milling spindle
  • at this unit you can assemble a suitable suction device
  • Fumes and vapors for example from the processing with alcoholic can unproblematically be removed from the working space

Vertically retractable and extendable system

  • direct mounted at the spindle holder, placed around the milling spindle
  • this system vertical automatically swivel in and out
  • suitable for exhaust shavings and chippings of all kinds