Strategies & Visions

We are a highly innovative, owner-managed company
and have become one of the market leaders over the past few years, with our flexibility in delivering customer wishes, experiences and visions.

We make custom-made suits in the field of mechanical engineering, not off-the-shelf machines, and we are breaking new ground …
We rely on the latest and most modern technologies in combination with our own developments.

Our machines are recognized by our customers worldwide for their efficiency and quality.
Our employees are our most important success factor.

High employee motivation ensures efficient and pleasant work and, in addition to high qualifications, experience, expertise and creativity, is the basis for continuous improvement and new ideas.

At Paso, the performance and success of the individual employee is immediately visible in the results.

Our leadership is goal-oriented and cooperative.

Our products are a reflection of our customer and technology orientation.

Our customers are our most valuable partners.<

Our suppliers are an important part of our success.

Our quality is the basis for trust.
We attach great importance to the highest quality “Made in Germany”.

Our social responsibility is reflected in our actions.
We shape our corporate policy in the awareness of our responsibility towards customers, employees and the environment. We protect the environment by using energy and materials efficiently and making our products as sustainable as possible.