Cooling and lubrication system

Paso offers a flexible range of minimal-volume cooling systems

Minimum lubrication technology or minimum quantity cooling lubrication (MMKS) works on the principle of “less is more”.
Targeted application of a lubricating oil to the processing point prevents heating of the tool and workpiece.
Conventional cooling by means of full flooding becomes unnecessary.
This requires extremely pressure-sensitive high-performance oils and a high-precision nozzle technology, which enables the application of minimal medium quantities.

Due to the Paso systems, the medium consumption is reduced to an absolute minimum, taking into account the lowest possible impact on the environment.


  • dry workpieces, machines and chips
  • increased productivity
  • Improvement of tool life
  • Clean workpieces with better surfaces
  • No disposal of the cooling lubricant
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Lower storage costs for media
  • Lower cleaning costs for machines and workplaces

Low lubrication systems

With the Paso modular system you can “normal” systems with tank volumes from 1 to 10 l, with 1 to 4 nozzles but also larger and more complex systems with a central pressure vessel and equip several valve units

and expand this system later as desired.

To supply complex systems with multiple spray points a plurality of valve units can be connected in parallel to a pressure tank unit and each spray point can be equipped separately with one or more coaxial spray heads.

First of all it has to be determined which machining points should be sprayed and how many coaxial spray heads are required.

The type of coaxial spray nozzles must be selected depending on the application and, where appropriate, modified with the appropriate accessories to beam shape spray strength etc. adapted to the requirements.

In the second step it has to be decided which coaxial spray heads can spray at the same time and thus be grouped together.

Each of these groups requires a spray time. These are controlled at the valve units.

Based on the number of coaxial spray nozzles and the valve units and depending on the choice of spray intervals and quantities a pressure tank unit with the appropriate capacity to choose.

There are 1, 2, 6, 10, 20 or 40 liter versions to choose from.