Automation using the example of a micro-machine


• 6 + 1 axis machine for polishing processing of hard metal cores for the car industry

consisting of:

• 3-linear axes (X / Y / Z)

• aut. swivel divider (/ A / C)

• aut. Opening and closing the three-jaw chuck

• Gripper system for workpieces

• aut. pneumatic swiveling in and out of the workpiece magazine

• tool change system

The machine is used for polishing hard metal cores and can be easily integrated into an automated production line.
The workpieces are removed automatically from a pneumatically swivel-in and swivel-out workpiece magazine via a gripper system, fed to the three-jaw chuck and removed again after processing and stored.
The three-jaw chuck on the swiveling dividing attachment opens and closes fully automatically.
A 40-times, vertically arranged tool change system is in use