Kuhlmann P20T

Kuhlmann P20T
Workspace 800 x 600 x 200 mm (X/Y/Z)
Control BES (new)
Drive IDS (new)
Manual Control M25 (new)
Machine Table Steel- T-Slot
Computer new, with Windows 10
Terninal on the arm, pivotable
Milling Spindel Jäger KS3, 1.6kW, 60,000 rpm, max. Tool Ø: 6.0 mm
Converter S&M 21.49
Tool Change System 5-fold, with load cell for automatic tool length measurement (new)
Lubrication System Pfeiffer TC10
Status Completely overhauled, new paintwork
Guarantee 12 months, with the exception of the milling spindle 3 months
Price On customer request